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    RT @peoplemagindia: Soaking in some new experiences :) our cover star @sidharthamallya RT @KWANspeak: @sidharthamallya on the cover of People Magazine - August 2012! RT @GQ_India: RT @MeghaGQ: Sid Mallya makes a smashing debut @LakmeFashionWk for Komal Sood in a black tuxedo  #lakmefw
    RT @LakmeFashionWk: Look who we have here! @sidharthamallya for #KomalSood #Lakmefw RT @KraayonzIndia: One of our most recent tattoos @sidharthamallya Yup we definitely had a good time doing it! Cheers! RT @KWANspeak: check out @sidharthamallya on the July issue of #MensHealth magazine!
    Hmm....something tells me u quite literally get your bang for the buck at this place!! given england's footballers played last night and the rugby team play today, have a look at this! Amazing!!!! Pls send me a batch!! RT @Ms_K_Cupcakes: RCB-Cupcakes; you gotta see !!! @sidharthamallya @RCBTweets
    RT @atulkasbekar: All three girls on the GQ June cover were in the 2012 edition of the #KingfisherCalendar... The team room full of signed merchandise... I was banned as I kept drawing on everyone haha Happy Birthday Murali!!....not so bad for an 'old man' haha
    Here it is...pretty sure it's a whale...what else could it be?... The Queen Mary old boys (and girls) team! Chris 'Coldplay' Martin was on my flt from LA...he kindly signed my new guitar! must be a sign haha
    RT @MissMalini: Most stylish male @sidharthamallya  @Cosmo_India Fun Fearless #Awards Like this!! RT @raghavspeakz: @sidharthamallya @TheVijayMallya The good times begin Indeed! RT @LeeMcKenzieF1: Force India launch
    Pretty cool...RT @SidMallyaFC: This is what flows through the veins of a true Kingfisher fan !! X RT @suhail_kapoor: Nothing beats a #kingfisher even in the Scottish cold -1 outside @kingfisherworld @sidharthamallya
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