Is T Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth a good fund? (2024)

Is T Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth a good fund?

Overall Rating

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What is the growth outlook for T. Rowe Price blue chip?

Average Price Target

Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund, Inc. holdings in the last 3 months. The average price target is $190.39 with a high forecast of $222.89 and a low forecast of $156.25. The average price target represents a 15.30% change from the last price of $165.13.

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Is T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth a good investment?

Overall Rating

Morningstar has awarded this fund 4 stars based on its risk-adjusted performance compared to the 1293 funds within its Morningstar Category.

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Which bluechip mutual fund is best?

Best Blue Chip Mutual Funds to Invest Online in India 2024
  • HDFC Top 100 Fund.
  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip.
  • SBI Bluechip Fund.
  • Axis Bluechip Fund.
  • Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund.
  • Kotak Bluechip Fund.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Front.
  • Invesco India Bluechip Fund.
Mar 7, 2024

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Is T Rowe blue chip a good investment?

Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth I (TBCIX). TBCIX has a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank of 1 (Strong Buy), which is based on various forecasting factors like size, cost, and past performance.

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Is it safe to invest in blue chip funds?

Yes, Blue Chip Funds can generally be good investments. They focus on well-established, financially stable companies, offering stability and the potential for consistent returns. However, suitability depends on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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Is T. Rowe Price struggling?

Rowe Price Group's earnings per share has basically not grown from where it was five years ago, which could erode the purchasing power of the dividend over time. T. Rowe Price Group is struggling to find viable investments, so it is returning more to shareholders.

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Is T. Rowe Price good for retirement?

Over 70% of our mutual funds with a 10-year track record have outperformed their 10-year Lipper average as of 12/31/2023. Over 95% of our Retirement Funds with a 10-year track record beat their 10-year Lipper average as of 12/31/2023.

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What is the best growth stock mutual fund?

Best Growth Stock Funds
FundSymbol5-year average annual return
Elfun TrustsELFNX17.82
Needham Aggressive Growth RetailNEAGX24.49
Cantor Growth Equity AFICGX16.46
BNY Mellon Large Cap Securities IncDREVX17.1
4 more rows
Mar 22, 2024

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Who is better Vanguard or T. Rowe Price?

Rowe Price offers functional news and marketing information. Vanguard does not offer real-time streaming news, but does offer news articles. Overall, T. Rowe Price has a small edge over Vanguard for their overall account and research amenities offerings.

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What is T. Rowe Price ranked?

The T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan was ranked #8 for 529 plan performance in the 1-year period, #3 in the 5-year period, and #6 in the 10-year period as of 12/31/2023.

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Is T. Rowe Price a good stock to buy now?

The Zacks Consensus Estimate for T. Rowe Price's 2024 and 2025 earnings has been revised 1.6% and marginally upward over the past 30 days, respectively. This shows that analysts are optimistic regarding the company's earnings growth prospects. TROW currently carries a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy).

Is T Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth a good fund? (2024)
Which mutual fund is best performing in 2024?

Best Banking & PSU funds to invest in April 2024:
  • Bandhan Banking & PSU Debt Fund.
  • Axis Banking & PSU Debt Fund.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Banking & PSU Debt Fund.
  • DSP Banking & PSU Debt Fund.
  • Kotak Banking & PSU Debt Fund.
3 days ago

Which mutual fund has the best return in 2024?

List of Long Duration Duration Mutual Funds in India
Fund NameCategory1Y Returns
JM Flexicap FundEquity61.9%
SBI Long Term Equity FundEquity60.0%
Bandhan Tax Advantage (ELSS) FundEquity16.8%
ICICI Prudential Large & Mid Cap FundEquity46.8%
12 more rows

Which mutual fund has the highest return for 2024?

Best Corporate Bond Funds to invest in April 2024:
  • HDFC Corporate Bond Fund.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund.
  • ICICI Prudential Corporate Bond Fund.
  • Sundaram Corporate Bond Fund.
6 hours ago

What is special about T Rowe Price?

Rowe Price (NASDAQ – GS: TROW) helps people around the world achieve their long-term investment goals. As a large global asset management company known for investment excellence, retirement leadership, and independent proprietary research, the firm is built on a culture of integrity that puts client interests first.

Is T Rowe Price Large Cap Growth a good investment?

Overall Rating

Morningstar has awarded this fund 3 stars based on its risk-adjusted performance compared to the 1111 funds within its Morningstar Category.

Is T Rowe Price undervalued?

Compared to the current market price of 114.74 USD, T Rowe Price Group Inc is Undervalued by 6%.

How risky is blue-chip?

Low Risk: As industry leaders with reliable cash flows and long histories of paying their debts, blue chip companies are considered to be low risk. They are unlikely to suffer from a sudden credit or liquidity crunch.

Are blue chip stocks good for retirement?

Investing in fundamentally strong blue-chip stocks is a proven strategy to build long-term wealth. Typically, blue-chip companies enjoy multiple competitive moats and market-leading positions, allowing them to generate stable cash flows across market cycles.

Which is better blue-chip or index fund?

Therefore, investors would be better off investing in an index fund instead of large-cap or Bluechip funds. This way, they don't need to worry about the performance of their scheme or selecting a fund that would outperform the index. Now, let's understand how index funds work.

How secure is T. Rowe Price?

We use strict controls to help ensure that your online communications and transactions are safe and reliable. T. Rowe Price will not request sensitive personal information via email or text message.

Who is the largest shareholder of T. Rowe Price?

Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.

What is the difference between Fidelity and T. Rowe Price?

Rowe Price on nearly every level, including Fidelity having more robust platforms with more competitive commissions. This is especially true for options trading. Moreover, Fidelity offers better stock/ETF screeners, better analytics, better reporting, and better investing tools than T. Rowe Price's platforms.

What is a good portfolio for a 70 year old?

At age 60–69, consider a moderate portfolio (60% stock, 35% bonds, 5% cash/cash investments); 70–79, moderately conservative (40% stock, 50% bonds, 10% cash/cash investments); 80 and above, conservative (20% stock, 50% bonds, 30% cash/cash investments).


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