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    70% Cat I don't know what this shop is selling but I am going in! #budapest RT @sispurrier: I say, @serafinowicz! Behold what your deadpanning hath wrought: (courtesy @TinyMaster, @_AKA_ & @Gl…
    RT @ReeceShearsmith: Final ep poster art is by the wonderful Graham Humphreys, who did RT @MrBButterfield: Disappointed with the robots the Jawas have on offer today #UNLOLLE #starwars The toilet door was ajar RT @SlimSneed: @serafinowicz what are you doing in there?
    RT @robertpopper: New York Times front-page was all in binary today. Weird: RT @lardlikesdogs: @serafinowicz Pls RT Missing person Nottingham #FindElaine @AndyHarrison80
    RT @porksmith: Merry Christmas x RT @robertpopper: And now the saturday @guardian Writers' Quiz (Again 100%) (Cheers, @Beathhigh) RT @robertpopper: Saturday's @guardian quiz done. Once again, all correct...
    RT @edgarwright: Pretty sure this is not canon. Sign outside Happy Science Temple in London. Am I dreaming?? RT @RealSAlexander: Happy to help @decappeal
    Fancy a chip? RT @TheMediaTweets: Quite some correction from the Daily Mail... RT @ReeceShearsmith: It's not like in the films once you get there:
    Is this real? RT @WordPlay4Games: @serafinowicz Did Brian Butterfield get into the Halloween mask business? RT @emmersbrown: Best Wash Post correction ever? Yes.
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    Happy St Frankensteins Day! []
    This little-known Boards of Canada track is so sad and beautiful - From One Source All Things Depend []
    (via @ArbieJNR) one of the best songs from Princess and the Frog. Fantastic. []
    Wow this is hilarious from @keyandpeele (thanks @adawsonbros) []
    I sang page 2 of Morrisseys book. 478 to go. []
    RT @garethwrussell: @serafinowicz TODAY #AntiSlaveryDay Please RT this Support @Hopeforjustice rescuing people from… []
    Im in the new season of #ParksandRec []
    Thanks @olparker1 for telling me about the incredible trailer for Gravity []
    RT @robertpopper: To me and @serafinowicz, this used to be our porn: []
    RT @Leearigold: @serafinowicz narrates Armor video for #DarkSoulsII - Peter is a genuine player and fan of Dark Souls []

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