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    SF bound after an amazing first week @nytimes. My brain feels 3x bigger and I love my kind new colleagues! RT @EndersGameMovie: #EndersGame. November 1st. RETWEET if you’ll be there. Enjoying my free Slurpee (cherry and Coke mix, natch) from 7 Eleven on 7-11. Get some!
    Sneak peek from our Hawaii show (coming up in two weeks!). #alwayson cc @jeffcannata Some people thought it was tacky, I hear, but I could not wait to rock the G wagon. #AMG #cartech #pimp Galaxy Note 8 camera test ... #roadtrip #alwayson
    It has a BBQ. #radRV Really impressive Starbucks workstation in effect here. Includes #Galaxy Note 2. Super jelly! Adieu, Istanbul. Thanks for everything. I'm richer in spirit and poorer in dollars, as it should be! #PicFrame
    Saw this parked outside a Bosphorus river mansion here in Istanbul. Mafia Mitsubishi!!?? PS new fave city. There, I fixed it. #CNETLive RT @bendreyfuss: Amazon is down. Repeat: AMAZON IS DOWN. We’re already dead.
    This is my current bandwidth, yet I can't stream more than 2 mins of Netflix w/o rebuffering. @comcast or @netflix?? RT @briantong: #2013CES Red Pants Showmance w/ @mollywood #CNET #BuzzOutLoud If you're in Istanbul, go see Micky's work! “@MickyHoogendijk: Opening Contemporary Artfair Istanbul” Congrats, love!
    Streets of NYC. #athena #noreaster Girls in the city. @MickyHoogendijk Feliz Dia de Los Muertos! (My son made me this. Aww.)
    RT @RedCross: Halloween doesn't have to be canceled for these kids in the Pleasantville, NJ shelter! #Sandy First pumpkin-spice latte of the season. I know, I'm also surprised it took me this long. #winter #psl
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    RT @TWistartups: Thanks for playing our game @mollywood + @ggdm. Smart watches, Launch of the Week, and so much more: []
    Museum - HTC First AT&T Commercial ... For those of you who havent seen it. Youre welcome! []
    @brian_tong Ok, ok, I know everything I said before. BUT. This one made me laugh. A lot. []
    Oops, that link is no good. Heres the Board of Awesomeness on YouTube. []
    Yeah, so. I just rode on this. A lot more slowly, obviously. Video in edit now. #ces #highlight []
    Happy Monday with the cutest baby polar bear you will ever see. Ever. Merry late Christmas! (via @parrygripp) []

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