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    Christmas is coming! Look at what @ChefMichelR brought for us to snack on. We r live & ans ur questions! Gv us a call NOW 866 675-6675 Look at Vivaldi checking out my 2 new magician doves
    Ah. Scooter Braun,Troy carter,guy Oseary talking tech and Hollywood/music they work with Madonna,bieber,gaga etc Now we are hearing about a new android phone moto x which will be built in the u s  Gould dons ghe Motorola phone Pinterest is an intuitive and interesting organizational way to see the personal world
    The guy we were waiting for. Ben Silberman of Pinterest. An explosive Internet startup poised for even bigger growth Fun games. Digital. Hand eye. Skill. The steam carnival The steam carnival guys are giving a demo of a new style educational carnival watch for the carnival next year
    Barry diller wants all tv and video distributed on the Internet. Why not? I want my big  tv screens to be my computer Barry diller and Jeff zucker are talking to Walt mossberg about tv,video,transmission and Internet - #D11. The twitter global town square is extremely timely. Very instantaneous. Useful. Engaging   #all things D or #D11
    As you know I love twitter. Amplify is coming CEO dick costolo is excited about his Action packed company Have you eaten at barrio cafe in Phoenix? We are having a late lunch 27 rating in zag at Im LIVE right now-SiriusXM107 w/ Lucinda Scala Quinn taking ur calls & ans ur food questions-call us now 866 675-6675
    Alexis just installed the Martha wall organizer (staples) and it looks great in the babies hallway This map of the world wall paper is by geo nova. Alexis put it up on the playroom wall sand Jude,2, already knows NYC Love the eggs I dyed yesterday? get my egg dyeing iPhone app & mk beautiful eggs for Easter!
    Making Easter cookies this morning. Yellow chicks. Ink eggs. Orange ducklings I wonder if the tweet of these eggs got through this m?abetter look at the colors
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    watch my friend jean pigozzis video which he wants to go viral- george ,little yellow fish! []

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