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    I’m a rebel If the girl does not like it... Yay! @sesame gift app featured for Valentine's Day. Mail your loved one(s) a lovely gift set with just a few clicks.
    RT @codinghorror: I have a hunch Tuesday February 5th is going to be kind of awesome for unspecified vague reasons RT @timoni: Don't wanna sleep tonight? Here's Gollum from a Russian (live action, 1970s, children's TV) version of the Hobbit. . ... @jessenoller @kantrn
    RT @sholtaway: MASSIVE ice cube courtesy of @leahculver and the Sincerely / Sesame gang. RT @FruzsE: .@sesame, the gift that keeps on giving! (The cat's a fan of good packaging.) cc: @leahculver My tiny cameo in the @firstround holiday video.
    I know what I'll be watching tonight (with some red wine). @arbales @jorilallo is wearing his do shirt today! @kevinrose - Nice!
    Well, @ZipcarSFBay, it's not every day I drive to Facebook!

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    YES. This movie trailer. So phonetically helpful. []
    Current status: []
    Ewan McGregor and Chris ODowd battle with lightsabers. Im not making this up. []

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