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    RT @facetache: @KP24 @jbairstow21 @joeroot05 @JimmyAnderson9 Happy Movember! :-{D Final day to bid for my Ashes shirt. Highest bid £650 so far. Tweet your bids to me, all money goes to @Chance2Shine. We are live now!! @bbc5live
    “@StuartBroad8: We were set for the perfect High 5, got distracted by a KP question!!” - just missing a custard pie! RT @markorendell: Any chance of a retweet for some old reprobates @JimmyAnderson9 I attempted to draw @Swannyg66 and discovered he looks a lot like Stephen Fry. #masterpiece
    RT @jessicagauntley: @Swannyg66 @JimmyAnderson9 Be FAB if you could retweet this picture!! Thanks guys RT @ActivateMgt: .@JimmyAnderson9 looking sharp in @chesslondon preparing for @QoS_Official filming..... @BunnyOnions well done today mate. Good start. Thought you were looking in good shape in NZ...
    Really enjoyed the beautiful Jack's Point in Queenstown (with a borrowed driver)... Great series win. Always tough in NZ. Here's man of the moment @joeroot05 with his very proud parents... RT @StuartBroad8: I think @swannyg66 found the whole golf club incident quite funny...
    RT @Swannyg66: “@StuartBroad8: @JimmyAnderson9 @pepsgooner Yep. Weve all been there... “@StuartBroad8: @JimmyAnderson9 @pepsgooner Yep. Weve all been there...” - where have you plucked that from?!!
    “@StuartBroad8: This alarm time always seems to be for Germany @JimmyAnderson9....” no broken ribs this time I hope! RT @chappie03: Jimmy loves dogs! RT @StuartBroad8: “@MayorofLondon: Fantastic to meet the team and am wishing them all the best in the next Test”> ...
    Also saw @beefybotham not happy with my lid. We've all been there Beefy!! RT @MattPrior13: Got to love this! Open the lift for dinner and get this welcome! Amazing! #playingcricketinindia
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