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    RT @kingsthings: It's @drdrew & one of my favorite #LarryKingNow guests #Howard Wow RT @heeeyySaammm: @drdrew,
you're in my psych book! My Rex the Honey Badger Aussie.  Growing up!
    RT @Firstladyoflove: Today at 3 pm Georgia State Student Center on Valentines Day! @Drdrew will address your questions! RT @Firstladyoflove: Happy Valentines Day from Georgia State! RT @ZachGowen: Captivating @drdrew podcast with Shelly Sprague on subject of #recovery, incredible jewels were dropped by both.  ...
    RT @Firstladyoflove: @HurtadoCNN Loved meeting you! RT @BTarpley98: @drdrew AT LONG LAST! OMG RT @cabraasch: Looks like @SouthPark noticed you're a fan and referenced ur show on tonight's episode. cc @loveline
    By popular demand RT @Askagreatdad: @drdrew do you think we can pull it off? @BobForrest_HRS #Halloween”LOVE!! Thx to @CarrieKeagan &@reneegraziano for being so gracious to us. TY!  RT @Firstladyoflove: A lovely establishment! #SU2C RT @Firstladyoflove: @PaulaBurman @drdrew I wore the 5 inch heels.They made me really tall! Got them on sale 2!
    RT @Ali_Sweeney: Tweeting texting/ video chatting with @drdrew & @franklinmissy !Call ! Donate! @SU2C #istandupfor @su2c view from my phone   Donate! #gostanford swimming you would kill me RT @ASaeta: @drdrew one day dr drew, one day. #imsobuff #notreally
    RT @simone_bienne: Behind the scenes @loveline with @drdrew 's great buddy, @tomsizemore. We loved his De Niro stories Haha  RT @MarkEiglarsh: @DrDrewHLN @Firstladyoflove Hey Drew, ur show is starting to be enjoyed by a new demographic. Uh oh  RT @joerogan: For those going nuts over my last tweet, due to Obama'literary agent wrote in 1991 - Born in Kenya
    RT @Firstladyoflove: @Drdrew loves a smooch, and Jerry liked it! Not sure if Rebecca was expecting that! #NIVEATouch RT @CrissAngel: @drdrew & his family at #BeLIEve in @LuxorLV tonight. Great people! - TY Criss for the hospitality
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    I think this is going to be a good program that actually will do some good : []
    RT @TheAngryGrandpa: @beaklykisses I can respect Dr. Drew as a man! BUT I AINT GONNA CALM DOWN!! []
    RT @loveline: Weve had our YT channel, since July 2010. In that time, weve had only 2 views from Greenlan ... []

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