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    RT @allisonsterry: Where is uninsured rate highest? #Obamacare RT @roshanakt: Wow, what a #Photo: SISKEL and EBERT when they were young. @ebertchicago via @BuzzFeedAndrew RT @christacbryant: In the Middle East there is so much hardship and war; precious moments, too. Ballerinas #Ramallah
    400 pages in 1913, 73K+ pages today. Your IRS tax code. Story behind the pic: From one of our correspondents. Thanks Jason! RT @jwalshireland: Old @csmonitor advert from the groovy 70s. I wonder what they have at the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan! RT @Astro_Nicole: One of the big ones out for a stroll!

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    VIDEO: Final three days of campaigning - where will it take the candidates? []
    Scott Peterson Talks about the US drone captured in Iran (VIDEO): via @CSMWorldDesk []
    #WhereWereYou - @CSMonitor reporters and editors talk about September 11, 2001. []
    DHS Sec. #Napolitano says categorically we are safer in #US than pre-September 11th. VIDEO: []
    Secretary #Napolitano addresses grumblings of #Irene as over-hyped @CSMonitor breakfast this morning. VIDEO: []

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