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    Nearly the same Kirabook, but @AndrewWrites says adding a Haswell CPU makes all the difference Reminder: @DrPizza is in #SF. He'll liveblog the first keynote of #Build2014 at 8:30a Pacific Stylized reflections aren't just art—they're advertising. The beautiful invasion of Instagram:
    Invertebrates inject a bit of romance during sex—by stabbing each other Our own @jbrodkin visited one of the country's only Bitcoin ATMs... to do what you do at ATMs RT @Lee_Ars: I’ve got a very special longform NASA piece going up tomorrow morning. Here’s a low-rez preview of the listing image. http://t…
    Can you tell if a #MetalGearSolid screenshot is Xbox One or PS4? Here's the graphics minutiae At the '14 @ChiAutoShow, you can even learn which car will perform best in a zombie apocalypse Some pics of our trip to @CreationMusuem, like @NateXAnderson learning he can't ride the dino
    To celebrate #Facebook's 10th birthday, let's reflect on how we've collectively ruined it. Mantis shrimp: nightmare-maker to some, creature with never before seen vision to others Can we interest you in some uncovered photos from a 1914 Antarctic expedition?
    Remember this rare, gold #Ducktales cartridge? Win it—if you help our @CPCharity charity drive Behold—#SteamOS! @Lee_Ars built a PC to #Valve @steam_games specs, installed the new gaming OS Not a smartring, a
    Using software shouldn't be like After liveblogging, sometimes you need a hat and tie MT @twisitor Thx @Twoffice for having @megangeuss + @cfarivar!
    Chromecast: small, HDMI ready, a new way to watch cloud video on your TV. Details live now: Yep, Google announces
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    MT @jbrodkin Guys, a traceroute + IM convo w/ a customer service rep. isn’t proof that Verizon is throttling Netflix []
    Among @dangoodin001s stellar password coverage this year, read up on how YouTube and the Bible factor in #ArsFavs13 []
    RT @Urraca: And now to kick off the weekend with a musical ode to Pokémon: []
    RT @aurich: This USA/NSA spoof of the Pixar logo animation is pretty clever (credit to various redditors). []
    Update: Microsoft has responded to Googles Take down your ad-free YouTube app request by @DrPizza []
    RT @Urraca: This 5-year old was born without fingers. 3D printers built his robohand: And heres how: ... []
    YouTube finally offers a meaningful ContentID appeal process by @binarybits []
    Actress in anti-Islam film sues YouTube on copyright grounds by @wired []
    Googles Brazil chief detained by federal police over YouTube video by @MeganGeuss []
    Faceless Freedom: YouTube adds face-bluring tool by @MeganGeuss []
    RT @Urraca: Amazing, creepy video of starlings: . @DrMRFrancis reports on mathematical models for these swarms: []
    RT @Urraca: Video of the egg-throwing incident at the Beijing Apple store: []
    RT @BenKuchera: An effective police trick: injure a protestor. When people try to help, throw a flashbang at them! []
    Wow, @eplatero really went all the way when creating this video about preparing for @siracusas Lion review on Ars: []

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