AFK Journey Dev Update: April 10, 2024 (2024)

Today, we are excited to announce the implementation of new cross-server social functionalities. This update is scheduled for April 11, 2024.

We would also like to unveil that a new season is coming to AFK Journey in May 2024.

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New Update: Cross-Server Social Features

A considerable number of players expressed challenges interacting with friends, owing to being assigned to different servers which prevented them from adding friends or engaging across servers. This is now addressed with the implementation of new cross-server social features in today’s update.

These features include the ability to:

  • Add friends from different servers;
  • Participate in coop battles, proxy battles, and more collaborative fights.

Please allow us to explain the server design of AFK Journey. A small server structure was designed to ensure accessibility to great rewards no matter when the journey starts. We would like to maintain a reward system that is friendly for players new and old. Thus, leaderboards and rewards in the Arena and Dream Realm will remain server-based, and will not be cross-server.

The update is scheduled for April 11, 2024, available upon downloading a hotfix patch.

With this update, you can expect to finally be able to interact with friends way easier across servers. Soon in the future, we will also be introducing new seasons to AFK Journey that feature “dynamic servers” that will provide even better social experiences (more details in the future).

Wait… New seasons?

That’s right. In the following parts of the article, we would like to walk you through what a new season means in AFK Journey, what you could expect, and how it helps to maintain balance in the long term.

NEW SEASON?? What to Expect

The team has learned from the experience of developing and running multiple live service titles. One challenge has always been to create a design that remains rewarding for years to come, for players new and old.

With the introduction of each new season, we wish to offer a slew of ever-expanding new content and a game design that alleviates the pressure of progression.

Rich Lore: An Ever-expanding Tale of Esperia

First of all, each new season is set to reveal a new region of Esperia. It will present fresh new storylines, expansive map explorations, and lavish rewards.

Today, we are excited to announce that the upcoming season will be called “Song of Strife”, and is set to arrive in Esperia in May 2024. The “Song of Strife” season will reveal an expansive new region, a new adventure of Magister Merlin, and tribes who come together to face unforgiving trials.

More details will be revealed as we get closer to the start of the new season. Please follow us and subscribe on social media as our Journey Unfolds series offers more information.

Seasonal Progression: An Easy-to-manage New Dynamic

Each new season will bring new progression lines that are unique for each season.

We can understand the existing progression mechanism as “permanent progression”. Systems like artifacts, resonance levels, class equipment, hero tiers, hero-exclusive equipment, etc. will remain effective across all seasons.

Then, upon entering the new season “Song of Strife”, a new “seasonal progression” system will be introduced. This system will function in tandem with the existing permanent system. Season progression comprises a few new systems such as: seasonal resonance level, seasonal class equipment, seasonal artifacts, and potential new seasonal items.

Seasonal progression is tailored to emphasize the strategic fun of progressing through seasonal content. We are committed to providing fun new content with each new season, ensuring a dynamic and refreshing progression experience.

The design philosophy is built upon three key principles: to preserve the value of permanent progression systems, to create an easy-to-manage seasonal progression system, and to lower the entry barrier for returning newcomers. All times are opportune for AFK Journey.

Gameplay Updates: Always Fun and Rewarding

New seasons will also bring about refreshing changes to gameplay, presenting new mechanics and challenges.

For instance, the new season “Song of Strife” is set to introduce new gameplay mechanisms, as well as new content for Dream Realm, Battle Drills, Primal Lord. There will also be visual upgrades to present the new features across multiple game modes.

To build a better seasonal experience, we are exploring the integration of game modes and activities throughout the season. Whether it’s individual strategies or team challenges with friends, we will all discover more fun for years to come.

Goals & Achievements: Sound & Clear

After the launch of the new season “Song of Strife”, different servers may initiate at varying times, but will adhere to a unified global end time, eventually transitioning together into the next succeeding season.

By meticulously planning each seasonal journey and respective event schedules, we would like to offer a balanced experience for all users–whether it be a leisurely journey, a deep lore exploration, or a reward-driven path, you would all find your way in AFK Journey.

And for those who possess the drive to achieve higher, the leaderboards of each season will provide a great opportunity to showcase your valor, strength, and relentless spirit to challenge yourself!

What If I Missed Out?

Finally, we’ve got a plan for players who might miss out on a season.

Temporal Nexus, which is expected to launch at the end of each season, encapsulates the complete seasonal content, and facilitates access to the content at anytime.

This includes primary game content that may not comprise limited-time items or events.

Be it revisiting or continuing to play, the journey is yours.

Ending Remarks

In the new update, cross-server social features are here. With this update, we are also preparing for the imminent launch of the new season “Song of Strife”, coming in May 2024.

We hope that the season system of AFK Journey will continue to uphold the fun in strategic gameplay while also providing dynamic new experiences for years to come. Although it’s a daring expedition, we are committed to listening to your feedback and changing along the way.

Share your thoughts with us. Together, we’ll build the world Esperia, where the journey starts anytime for players new and old!

AFK Journey Dev Update: April 10, 2024 (2024)
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