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    At an art exhibition organised by my sisters gallery last night. So proud of her!! So happy that she has.. The Disruptors are here :) Haha. True that!! Time for @ketto to kick in ;)
    Flagging of the #lavasa women's drive. What a great event!! Such incredible enthusiasm and spirit :) Brilliant ad Haha. The future of the mumbai monorail??
    Lots of fun last night at the @HeelAndBuckle bespoke launch event!! Teaching my nephew, my favourite move :) Such a brilliant cover!! India Today with Vikram Seth on Gay rights
    Really waiting for this one!! @vertigo_comics: American Vampire is back this March! Long freezing night. Song and dance. Shooting in Odisha for Nila Madhab's 'kaun kitney paani mein' In haryana, shooting... This is were I spent my diwali.. At
    First day of shooting for my untitled new film with the v talented director, Madhab panda.. Great fun :) Turning the most basic everyday kitchen ingredients into a great tasty wholesome snack ... KURKURE! Did you know where does the great taste of your loved snack Kurkure comes from?
    At the comic con in Bangalore. Bloody exciting to c so many comic book fans under one roof. May da force b with us!! My new campaign for JH retail, pune, shot by one of my fav photographers Prasad Naik :)
    Rather descriptive!!! This was my bible when I was growing up.. Hours spent reading and re reading this :-)
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    This movie looks great!! Super stuff!! @kabirsadanand FUGLY []
    Worlds Best Fight Scene - Epic Hilarious Movie Action via @youtube []
    A rare, brilliant interview with my childhood hero, the one and only Bruce lee!! []
    Robert De Niros audition for the part of Sonny for the Godfather via @youtube []
    The Bollywood banker Part two :) via @youtube []
    Check out the Bollywood Banker from the kurkure family..Lemme know what u guys think :) via @youtube []
    Hahaha..Chris Rock - Message for White Voters via @youtube []
    Kicking up some dust at my rally training school!! via @youtube []
    Crazy video for a crazy song.. lemme know what u guys think :-) Motorwdada - New Official Full Song Video []
    One of my favourite artists @Thehoneysingh1 goes Gujarati []
    Just rediscovered an old fav song.. Used to hear it on loop!! Everybodys Free (To Wear Sunscreen) via @youtube []
    How do u stop ur mind from playing a song on loop? Currently stuck with!! Good news for you- ANKHON MEIN via @youtube []
    Innovative, fun and interactive.. Launched the @fiamadiwillsmen website on google+ yesterday.. Here is the link []
    For old times sake!! ICC cricket World Cup 2011 final Shot: via @youtube []
    Part two.. Crazy stuff -- Extraordinary people - Daniel Tammet Pt2 of 3 via @youtube []
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