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    “@ACURASHERWAY: New 2014 Acura MDX for @jparencibia9 enjoy the Ride bud. #Jays #Acura” thank you! Unreal car! Wow quick game... Thanks to the fans for sticking around!!! Much needed recovery boots!! Off day fun! Out in Coehill catching some big ones! #FishingTherapy
    Missed RT @mikefisher1212: Action shot from today Awesome!! RT @EmmaRN2002: Bri walking home from school rocking her @jparencibia9 shirt RT @mfirefighter46: Hey @jparencibia9 What do you think of my New #fireprevention banner I hung at the Station Today? #firesafety .…
    Got to visit the Navy Seal Training Center today... Unbelievable the mental and physical toughness it takes! #Heroes Should be a requirement at every hotel... Electric socket next to the bed! #CellPhone #Pro Thankful for my freedom! #Blessed
    RT @JackBats5: @jparencibia9 here's a pic of me and your gear :) Heavy mitt! RT @pompeo6: Thanks for the autograph @jparencibia9  appreciate it, you're the man! #GoJays Thank u! RT @trishaaimee: We didn't get to see @jparencibia9 at sportsworld today, but he's still our favourite !
    RT @GAfan_28: Had a discussion with @jparencibia9 about Hawaii at aj sportsworld! Can't believe it! Awesome bat!! RT @JaysCare: .@jparencibia9 posing with his Need a bigger one! haha RT @BrandonPrust8: Hey @jparencibia9 maybe try this next outting with @RADickey43
    Keep your lives in perspective.. #161Left #Smile #BeHappy #GetEmTom RT @MLB: For @jparencibia9, BP can wait: That tweet was tweeted from this location @MStrooo7 #FastenSeatbeltPlease Another crazy spring training night!! #Overtime #Leafs #G2Gatorade #HydrationStation
    Congrats to @Hinchtown on his first Izod Indy Car win!! #CanadianPride Much bigger things than this for you ahead! Nice meeting u! RT @Jaysfan46: Thank you @jparencibia9 made my year.
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    The difference
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