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    RT @NASAGoddardPix: These @NASA_SDO images from Feb. 24, show the first moments of an X-class flare… Our booth is up at the #ISDC! Come say hey to @KilroyWasHere or @rack88 if you're around this weekend. RT @kcoderre: Woot! We passed the 500 mark! Yuris night Houston 5k! @YurisNight
    RT @kcoderre: Getting ready for the @YurisNight Houston 5k fun run tomorrow morning! :-) with @spasmunkey RT @NASA_APPEL: April 12th, 1961: Huntsville Times newspaper’s front-page coverage of the Gagarin flight. RT @adllewellyn: Discovering signs of @YurisNight on street corners in DC!
    RT @UKSEDS: UKSEDS National Student Space Conference 2013 registration opens!

The UKSEDS National Student Space Conference... . ... RT @SpaceX: At 9:03A ET, #Dragon was secured to the space station, its home for the next 2.5 weeks. RT @libbydoodle:
    RT @eBON: Just found this in my office, what a fun @yurisnight patch from 2010! cc @501stLegion RT @alias_amanda: Wow, Chris Lewicki is trending worldwide on Twitter. RT @RyInSpace: Off to a flying start @YurisNight NYC w/ a butterfly video concept w/ working prototype. ...
    RT @gtwhitesides: Great turnout at #Yuri's Night Los Angeles tonight.  Well done Simone and Scott! Nice display featuring Yuri Gagarin in @esa's European Astronaut Centre #spacetweetup A postcard from Space! Thanks @Astro_Ron!  #YurisNight @FragileOasis #FromSpace
    Look for #YurisNight swag @ #endlessBBQ today! Lots of Global Exec, event hosts & future hosts will be present! Uh oh, Washington is leading the charge wearing a #Bruins jersey. We all know what happened last time he did that! RT @Camilla_SDO: The @NASA_Dawn presentation behind me. And a @YurisNight shirt next to me! #NASATweetup
    RT @RyInSpace: Thanx @Astro_Ron for a 2nd gorgeous pic of #YurisNight pin floating in front of our @FragileOasis! RT @YurisNightDC: Redditors enjoying party time. Go #yndc11 go!

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    40 years ago today Neil and Buzz first landed on the moon. In case you dont remember, heres NASAs TV coverage: []
    RT @csa_asc: Happy Earth Day! @Cmdr_Hadfield explains how he takes his incredible photos of our planet from #space: []
    Have you seen the latest video on our Youtube channel? Its an awesome promo from - []
    If you want to see the Google hangout we just did on G+, go to - tell us what you think! []
    RT @exploreplanets: BREAKING: @NASA does a lot of stuff! []
    Our friends at @winatriptospace are giving away five I Dream of Space entries! Details: []
    RT @RyInSpace: Check out this uncommercial movie about space tourism ‘High Voyage’ Its a dreams to reality piece. []
    Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary of Yuris flight in a *huge* way! Check out the video: []
    The free film @FirstOrbit has launched on YouTube! Check it out at []
    You know what would be cool? If the #ISS sent us a surprise #YurisNIght video. Oh wait, they did!... []
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