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    Were feelin the new Pharrell album & Lykke Lis latest song/video   
    RT @sdadich: Love Music Again! Heres a look at the @WIRED Music Issue featuring guest DJ @Questlove  
    Were loving the new @Phantogram song:  
    RT @SmithsonianChan: @WIRED The mantis shrimp is so fast, you have to slow down the footage to see its punch. Watch:  
    Just dropped our preview video of WIREDs January issue:  
    YouTube is reportedly set to launch a Spotify-esque paid subscription music service.  
    RT @donttrythis: I helped @wired unveil an amazing robot at Comic Con yesterday: CHECK THIS OUT:  
    The Window, our awesome new video series, shows how the @barclayscenter is an engineering wonder:  
    Wired exclusive: A behind the scenes look at the explosive special effects in Fast & Furious 6  
    Or 90 minutes... heres the longer link:  
    24 hours of ambient engine noise from the USS Enterprise (TNG)  
    Knock out RT @alexhern British anti-littering campaign  
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