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    Hey, I think @HoeZaay 's pretty damn sexy too! Ahahahahahahahaha! Watch 'Derek'. It's a TV show. Just 3 episodes. Free on youtube. Please watch it, for your own sake.
    RT @vishweshk: Guess who's on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone, bitches! Indeed! Bottle's up!! Ahahahahahahaha! It should read
    Lunacy, #indianidoljunior style! Featuring the legendary @shreyaghoshal and @5hekhar There's an insane judge in my ear!! Help!! #indianidoljunior Kisne, not 'liane'!
    Waiting for June 1. SWEAT! Ok, this was @PENT4GRAM in '94-'95. Proof I once had rocker-length hair. IF you can find me, that is.
    Juhi Pande, soap-star!!  Costa in Khar has swanky new chairs. Thanks, @Tarunmansukhani . You really know how to run a joint! Landed in Delhi expecting some severe heat. What I got, instead, was.....a frikkin' sandstorm!! Bizarre
    And then, @shreyaghoshal made me pose for this delicate little photograph!! My dear Devi-ji, @shreyaghoshal, with a real eye for tender moments, took this picture on the #IndianIdoljunior set. Don't know if this is genuine, but if so, it sure worked.
    RT @sarahjanedias03: Yay! Thank you love! @1NS1A: Don't miss this on Sunday @sarahjanedias03 Steve Martin, the wise! Every artist in the public eye, needs to understand this.
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    Watch all the episodes! Total lunacy! :) @handsome_hunk8: @v1sh4l Great to Watch Penta TV Rocks []
    Seen this!? Star Movies Action Channel Anthem by @PENT4GRAM. Really want to know what you guys think. []
    Indonesia is on the train, baby! #ChennaiExpress []
    RT @thrillpill: And now we have video! Pentagram live at Blue Frog last night. Check it out @V1SH4L []
    RT @riyashrestha9: #nowplaying NOCTURNE by @PENT4GRAM N @V1SH4L Awesome :) []
    Reminder. Go watch and share the hell outta this, please. Cheers! []
    RT @K4B1PR1Y4: Pentagram - Nocturne - Music Video: via @youtube @V1SH4L @PENT4GR4M []
    Aight, people!! WATCH!! RT!! #Nocturne by @PENT4GRAM , directed by the legendary @shiraz61174 ! []

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