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    RT @HonorByAugust: @luccadoes rocking the #flyingV! #shredmastergeneral RT @History_Pics: Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano, Chechnya, c. 1994 RT @History_Pics: Austrian boy receives new shoes during WWII.
    “@History_Pics: Original Star Wars cast.” I NEED a poster of this for my wall. #notkidding RT @FacesPics: This cactus isn't the nicest plant ever.. RT @History_Pics: Michael Jordan playing against Michael Jackson, 1992
    RT @politicoroger: The power of a great cartoonist: Standing Their Ground by Jim Morin of The Miami Herald. Next installment of the Duty-Free Rock Star Extravaganza: Guitar tunings! Become a Patron: my Twitter feed is so chock-full of so many great things. but I’ve got to get to wor… holy crap did you see this?
    RT @keripicolla: This just made my day. @luccadoes #Patreon #tonylucca RT @Patreon: PATREON NOW ACCEPTING PAYPAL PLEDGES! TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FANS, AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL! TONIGHT: Charleston Music Hall. Charleston, SC #whatcurse?
    One week from today!! big thanks to those down from day 1. @DaleGodboldo @jtimberlake
and @JCChasez
(thanks @arami_d004) #WtWWW
    Another amazing meal at the Woodshop (in Clarkston, MI) with the fam. (Artwork sold separately) RT @lIIusions: Art on books Check out this pic for a new short film by creator @nickpeterson77: Help kickstart it here:
    Crazy. Ass. Photo. (sculptures by artist Chen Wenling) #blackandgold and who's wearing his favorite Pittsburgh shirt?

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    #WTF is @TheWhiskeyJam you ask? here’s a little back story: []
    “bad things happen to good people everyday” Powered by @Patreon []
    RT @livemusicphotos: Friday, you are looking mighty foxy!!! @bjamesmusic @luccadoes LIVE at @MShop!! #livemusic #iowa []
    Some of my favorite gtr tunings. oh yeah and Katy Perry put a hole in my guitar once. #TrueStory check it out: []
    RT @alzfdn: Musician @Luccadoes recently took a break from touring to record this PSA for us. Check it out! []
    #TBT me and the lovely @SaraBareilles live in NYC, Valentines Day 2012. “I’m On Fire []
    Merry Christmas guys. []
    here it is, the 2nd of my Powered-by @Patreon videos: Behind-The-Scenes: Tony Lucca w/@maroon5 Honda Civic Tour []
    #TBT that one time @JossStone sat in with me and the boys @thehotelcafe… (Thanks again, sister!) []
    we hit the $500 mark on @Patreon! promised, my first Patreon-fueld video: #gamechanger []
    RT @Jenareyn: Tony Luccas been keeping busy... via @youtube []
    RT @AndreaNardello: Support Tony Lucca on Patreon!! Huge fan? Get involved :) Watch the video []
    Ok. this is pretty great. especially @ the 2:00 mark. #TheBattleContinues . @NBCTheVoice @adamlevine #WellPlayed []
    the 10th Day of Xmas in July is HERE: sans @erniehalter Sorry yall. maybe next Xmas? #WtWWW July 16th!! []
    the 12 Days of Xmas in July all-request countdown continues! Heres a rather early Day 6 version of Reckless Love. []
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