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    RT @FiveThirtyEight: Low-income adults in states without expanded Medicaid generally have more health problems. http… RT @giyom: Russia will never invade Ukraine. QR codes won't work. Bitcoin will not succeed as a currency. All in one picture… RT @alicanth: Prix startup de l'info et panel sur les nouveaux modèles à @NumaLive le 30/01 avec @tariqkrim @ThePixelHunt @latrive …
    epmd 80's hiphop still the best via @Jolicloud How facebook designed home So deep via @Jolicloud
    RT @jolicloud: @Jolicloud loves @Dailymotion, welcome to the #Jolidrive! be safe NYC! I don't think it was a good idea to take a photomontage. But this is not comforting either. This is quite ugly on iOS 6
    The rise of the 50 dollars PC will disrupt the desktop and tv! And an opportunity to build a new and open platform Mary Meeker shows in 1 slide how Europe failure to support its mobile & cloud ecosystem. Huge fire in paris
    Huge fire in paris RT @dittes: @tariqkrim on ouch !!!!
    Lol The password for cafe forum is Apfelschorle. I love Munich :) Is junk food really cheaper ? Even if digital take over, newspapers should always be allowed on Sunday
    The world is collapsing but are all partying  at Sean Parker party ! Having breadgasm at delfina So good to catchup with my old SF

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    RT @axelletess: My talk from earlier today at #LeWeb London 2013 on Why Digital Hippies Matter: #digitalhippies []
    The internet in 1995 the good old days! []
    the new BSG Blood and Chrome episodes []
    See that today and believe in the future again []
    Odd Future - Oldie: via @youtube []
    RT @rstephens: Fixed link: watch this Mark Pollock, Bionic Man (f.ounders) @tariqkrim []
    Donna Summer forever ! []
    RT @zaryn: Ahora Tuenti con Lengua: via @youtube []
    Cesaria Evora for ever []
    Hip Hop is not dead! awesome!! []
    I am wondering how much this policeman makes a year and if he can afford to send his kids to the university ! []
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