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  • RT @yogi_pray4u: an interesting Interview with Dr. @ShashiTharoor sir, must watch

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    Lively exchange with AhmedRashid on Afghanistan @IndiaToday #Conclave14  
    RT @PseudoSciencer: 114th Founders Day of my college was awesome cause @ShashiTharoor was there. Amazing Speech  
    RT @RjvKalra: @shashiTharoor Rahul Gandhi addressing a Press Conference in Muzaffarnagar December 23, 2013 - YouTube  
    RT @INCIndia: Watch- Rahul Gandhi speaking at the 86th AGM of FICCI #RGatFICCI   
    RT @ArBalaraj: @ShashiTharoor can u plz retweet the Indo - Pak google ad   
    RT @m_r_prajapati: @ShashiTharoor  
    RT @albarrett09: A different spin on multilingual India! @ShashiTharoor not one you referred to but worth a watch.  
    RT @Ashreya1: Onam album from london..please RT   
    The magic of George Gershwin, brilliantly anatomized: a MUST LISTEN 4 minutes  
    RT @EktaThakur: Smt. Sonia Gandhi speaking on Food Security, in Parliament today. #FoodForAll @shashitharoor  
    RT @ShivamG27288971: @ShashiTharoor Cover Story with Priya Sahgal: Shashi Tharoor:  
    RT @OH_YES_KSHITIJ: @dixitsudhir12: Hangout with Dr. Shashi Tharoor. @ShashiTharoor   
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