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  • I liked an @YouTube video

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    Lamb @MinnieGupta “@DurteGurl: Rockstar @sebastianbach Has Words Of Wisdom For Justin Bieber.. haha   
    “@GoModelnet: spotlight video @AshleyAnnVick @MaximMag #Maxim TOP100 with @MileyCyrus @minniegupta @sebastianbach  
    Always On My Mind 2013 w @johnrich @heidinewfield thanks @willienelson ! Thx @MinnieGupta for video direction!  
    Big Guns from ABachalypse Now #25Years #1stSongFromthe1stAlbum #ThankYou #10MillionSold  
    Tell me now. Whos behind the rain? RT @darklittleangel: Bach in time with @sebastianbach Skid Row Quicksand Jesus :  
    Sebastian Bach, Stan Lee, Minnie Gupta:  
    Bach in Rio 2013 18 & Life This is not perfect. Its called...  
    Thank You São Paulo BRAZIL!!!:  
    Interview with The Last Word  
    Sebastian Bach American MetalHead LIVE From ABachalypse Now 1080p:  
    Save the Moon Bears!!   
    18 & Life ABachalypse Now in Stores Now  
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