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    RT @jrjohn188: This is awesome. RT @USATODAYsports: The story behind Philip RIvers' bolo tie: MT @karincaifaCNN: I was keeping up with the math portion of our @BizJournalism Saturday. And then came this #bizj Welcome!  RT @karincaifaCNN: Wasting no time on NY's resolution to learn new things. Excited to get started  #bizj
    RT @najournalists: Our students say VOTE at the NAJA booth before 5 p.m., today for the board of directors! #NACon RT @romneysmith: Taking a webinar from @BizJournalism on investigating shell companies & fraud! #TVnews RT @MoyersStaff: Senator Elizabeth Warren asks regulators when did
    Sorry to hear that @everyblock closed. Hyper local neighborhood news:  Classy last tweet: 'Farewell neighbors.' RT @hermanywong: @zseward I love that the caption on the Twinkie photo for your Hostess story is the calorie count! RT @amychozick: The sign at the gas station near our apartment just, um, blew over. #Sandy
    RT @nicknotned: page views hit all-time high: 19.1m in last seven days. Oops. RT @laraking: Financial Times spells Murdoch's name wrong... on its front page what was Ford doing there?  RT @scottmonty: Some of my Ford colleagues at the #NYSE #OpeningBell:
    Business journalist turns disaster reporter RT @CurtNickisch 3 girls survived... at the other end of this basement

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    5 tips on how to shoot better video in this video from @SteveStockman, who has new book out: []
    Youtube press release: @americanair has posted a video for those who missed their earlier jet order announcement []
    10 Months Of NYTimes.Com In Seven Minutes ... []
    Did you miss last weeks #KnightAwards event? Check out a video announcement of our amazing winners: via @ICFJ []
    Nice video of Ron Nixon from @NYTimes on stories to dig out of census data: []

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