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  • Kumaré: "The True Story of a False Prophet" (movie trailer)

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    Carrie Brownstein Declares Social Bankruptcy On Portlandia (video)  
    The Isle of Man TT is the deadliest motor race in the world. It has claimed the lives of 239 racers. (video)  
    RT @steffanijohnson: PostSecret: Out Loud:  
    A short animated Commencement Speech by David Foster Wallace done by @SeeTheGlossary (Just Watch)  
    Veritasium Does an Exposé On Facebook Fan Fraud (video)  
    Are you a good liar? Find out in 5 seconds (video)  
    David Blaines Fire & Water Magic Tricks on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)  
    I just recommended the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi to my dad. (trailer)   
    There Is A Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship (336.87 ft) (video)  
    A mobile phone commercial from Thailand that could have been made by Frank Capra (video)  
    Maybe you are the one person, at this moment, who needs to see this hopeful short film by The Glossary. . . for you.  
    This 5 minute insider video reveals the easy & effective steps to getting the best deal when you buy a new car.  
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