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    Life imitates Bourne Identity: Norwegian police trying to ID amnesiac who speaks 5 languages Amusing that the @CBSNews story on the evils of data tracking is itself on site with 13 data trackers RT @Arcteryx: Can someone please get @tduchosal a snorkel?! Swimming in Italy's Dolomites. Photo via: Thibaud
    US venture capital sector outperformed PE in Q3 2013, but underperformed equities. (Source: The switch: Time spent on Internet via mobile apps in US just passed online time via desktop - More Vancouver real estate non-bubble porn: Housing prices, 1977-2014 (Source:
    Key table from that Montier paper about CAPE: Return expectations over next 7 years? Zero - Impressive California rainfall totals over next 7 days. As much as ~6” (150mm) in some areas. Agree with most of this thesis from @pmarca, unsurprisingly:
    RT @anthonywx: Mind-blowing visual from @NASA. Arctic air surging southward this winter. Prius was best-selling car in California in 2013, beating Civic, Accord & Corolla - California hybrid & electric vehicle market share trends - (Source: /v @crtrud
    Heading to Boulder CO later today. Freezing fog is a thing? Dear people trumpeting super-secret security: broadcasting plaintext passwords makes you less super-secret IDC says tablet growth slowing dramatically in US, & uses “s” word: saturation -
    Hanging at Torrey Pines eating bad hotdogs with my kids. Some sort of golf tournament going on. Top Nasdaq company weightings, 2000 and now /v @wsj How much money do you need in the bank to feel wealthy? 1,500 Americans surveyed.
    Why England’s Premier League is only soccer worth watching: Current winner probabilities, by league /v @llimllib Idly wondering what it would take for me to make material changes to my IOS front page
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    Stunning Gareth Bale solo goal for Wales against Iceland in today’s friendly. []
    [Video] A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones []
    Two super new MTB videos, one short and one long . Both incredible. []
    In movie about Sunderland ex-manager Paulo Di Canio, can’t wait for twilight signed conversation with 10,000 fans []
    A few Google Zeitgeist vids: Gladwell , Larry Summers , & Mark Burnett []

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