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    Sometimes I think about the constantly expanding nature of the universe and about the blah blah blah churros. Never hire an owl with spectacles as your accountant. They seem wise, but can’t speak Human or operate calculators. Today I'm sailing my yacht made out of meat. April Fools! You can't sail meat yachts. I know because I'm underwater.
    A wolf's an animal that eats caribou and inspires men to smell like a wolf inspired body product I'm in here for the irony. Give the gift that says, “You are desperately in need of male grooming products packaged neatly inside a cardboard box
    If u want to give an aquarium full of sharks as a gift but are having a hard time wrapping that, consider this gift set (Epic music) (Speech about tomorrow being end of the world) (Finish speech) (Cry inspirationally) For the man who has everything except various Old Spice products inside a cardboard box. Avail. at most major retailers
    This Old Spice gift set is not a good gift for children, unless those
children have beards and Camaros. With only 5 days to save the world, Dikembe fights grumpy cat, scumbag
steve & other deadly memes Threat Level Orange! Help Dikembe cure royal pregnancy cravings by playing Level 4 of the game.
    @HomerJSimpson Challenge accepted. Problem: our delivery falcons only fly with full coordinates. Springfield is in...? RT @PShu1996: @OldSpice my father with his new dashing #1 Dad Eyepatch. This is the best Father's Day ever. Take a break from repairing injured space stations to buy your father this Old Spice gift pack.
    1950: Canvases splattered with runoff from an Old Spice plant become popular among the art crowd. #OldSpiceHistory This @djjurgens wallpaper may cause computers to do all your work for you. Download here:

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    Im taking your questions live on a YouTube: Ask me things - #questionforwolfdog []
    Hey @SeanLowe09, heres some business/love advice from one guy without a human wife yet to another. Enjoy your sales. []
    Sometimes we think we are hilarious and then internet screaming goat trends show us what funny really is. []
    A hawk is a bird that eats rabbits, but it is also a bird that inspires men to smell like a hawk-inspired body product. []
    There are a gazillion commercials of handsome gentlemen with wolves on their shoulders. So you don’t need to watch this []
    This commercial depicts a lifestyle of bed pants and pancake trays and also the romantic side of TD-making success. []
    Things aren’t always as they seem and most of the time that you see something that probably is not as it seems. []
    The following documentary commercial is based loosely on real-life fictional events about believing in your smellf. []
    Your mom cant build a lunar mansion or outrun a rocket-powered cheetah, but that doesnt make her any less awesome. []
    The key to success isn’t so much a key as it is a stick of deodorant that can’t open doors. []
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