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    Do people still read 2600? Man, I read every issue (and tried most demos) for many years. Demo-ing an @ISMsaddles Adamo. Love the hot pink demo color! 1st ride tomorrow morning. Let's do Rockstore! Well, I have to eat something while my son has his appendix removed. It may as well be good.
    RT @SirPatStew: Football! A while ago @sarahkayhoffman tweeted about trying Kombucha if you don't drink. I tried it, been having 1 a day since. RT @askdes: #LALive ... A great place to be this afternoon say 4:00-6:00...  #askdes #imgivingsomethingaway
    Hindu Temple at the turn around point of my ride #cycling #peace This Marshmallow Santa looks less like Santa and more like Gimli's burned corpse. Still tasty, though. For my travels next week I am only bringing by #Intel2in1 instead of my regular laptop & tablets. [c]
    RT @techzulu: In case you haven't Heard @NokiaUS & windows phone devices now have #Instagram. #YoureDoinItRightWhen when you get in the car after seeing thousands of vile tweets & are greeted by Peace Train #tbt 1st sales job & I still had hair. Selling satellite cable service door to door was tough but I learned a lot.
    RT @TMobile: Something to leave you guys with. Be sure to RT so the competition can see ;) RT @yrchmonger: Here's what Wolverine would look like as a manatee. That is all. RT @MikeOwcarz: Awesome RT @darrenrovell: Oregon's social media command center called The Quack Cave
    Started using Skratch a cpl of weeks ago...never going back to the other stuff. Amazing endurance fuel. Remember when TV had good music? @djskee is bringing it back on @AXSTV TONIGHT at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT #skeelive RT @LAGalaxy: FINAL SCORE: #LAGalaxy 2, @WhitecapsFC 1! Jose Villarreal and Gyasi Zardes with the Galaxy goals.
    Early morning is beautiful today! RT @stephensurefire: Looks like the Today Show is answering some tough questions these days.
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    “@keithpape: @mattsingley ” Harlem shake asteroid edition! Hahaha! As current a meme as current can be. []
    The Oregon Ducks White Vapor Uniform are just sick #GoDucks #StormLA #UOUSC []
    RT @JesseRad: People have asked me what the charity #ExtraLife2012 is, so here you go. My profile: []
    According to the video the avg person needs 30-45 min to assemble @MyUpDesk. Naturally Ill try to do it in 20. []
    Love this Sprite ad Camo very creative, well told in just 1 minute []

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