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    RT @isaach: this is a picture of the uk prime minister calling for a Misty. Thunder.
    Although in Wales, it would mostly look like this: Started sketching my weather app for cyclists. Includes customised clothing suggestions. Genius with some nice lady shoes. Einstein at the beach.
    Reminded of how much I love David Shrigley's work. This is a particular favourite: Here's Omniweb 2.0 on a NeXT. Had no idea that browser went back so far. Recording the browsing experience of the NeXT onto an Air with some fancy hacked together gizmos.
    Some pictures from earlier today. @thenoyes firing up the first web browser on a NeXT. Thanks to @jim_boulton. RT @mhenders: How complex is society? RT @emmaboulton: Forget about Lance. Nicole Cooke is a sporting legend. And she grew up down the road from us. Amazing speech: . ...
    Busy making a mess. Mood boarding at my design workshop at #btconf Built a log store and started making a  roof today. My new (bloody old) fire place. Looks like some kind of steam punk contraption.
    Sugru and Mindstorms. Cheers! RT @the_other_matt: New favourite desk tool, courtesy of @gridsetapp - Cheers guys!
    RT @gilescolborne: MT @uberfiend: Shark tank collapses at a Kuwait Science Centre. A BIZARRE photo opp <- Man, I ... A day's thinkering almost complete:
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    For a full explanation of purple (well, really, Magenta) and why its not a colour, watch this: (via @onishiweb) []
    RT @johnoxton: Genius! /ht @codepo8 []
    RT @touchtherock: Stunning clip of a Greenland glacier collapsing and calving: []
    RT @mikeindustries: Flightless birds enjoying the miracle of flight. So cute: []
    Daughter no 1 is only slightly addicted to watching Manamana from the Muppets. Ill be humming it all day. Again. []
    My favourite off the soundtrack: Mercury by Underworld & John Murphy. Doesnt get much better than this: []
    RT @codepo8: Most intense Tae-Kwon-Do fight ever. wow. []
    @Malarkey twas a simpler time. Ford Cortinas and brown and orange curtains. Hmmm. Rush Goalie. Jumpers for goal-posts… []
    This just had me crying with laughter: Herman Cain - a BLR Soundbite : []
    For some reason, that Sapient video reminded me of Bad News (the comic metal band). Then, I saw this gem: []
    Star Wars according to a three year old. Priceless. (via @Alt_Aesthetics) []
    Introducing @nathan_ford to Bob Flemming and Clive Tucker: []
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