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    RT @midnight: Is there anything better than Monday's @midnight w/ @JayMewes, @ThatKevinSmith & @RalphGarman? NO! (not even these) http://t.… Via @TheComedyStore Still scoreless. What's at stake in today's #TeamCanada vs. #TeamUSA semi-final game? International swagging rights:
    Via @TheTFish RT @ComicBookMenAMC: Get the @MichaelZapcic perspective on the Midseason Premiere of #ComicBookMen! Read his blog: h… Via @Slate
    Via @CLangley76 Hear @mingchen37 & @michaelzapcic podcast LIVE from @The_SecretStash in snowy Red Bank, NJ, at 12pmET/9amPT/5pmUK: Via @302brawler
    Last night, I was reading Batman: The Widening Gyre w/ @RalphGarman at BABBLE-ON COMIC-ON THEATER! Looked like this: Via @mailgal2000 Via @ctalden
    RT @iTunesMovies: Two teens make a film to get back at their bullies. Then it goes too far. @ThatKevinSmith presents The Dirties. .… Via ‏@secondself3 And, yes - I've also seen that Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor Who, was an old W.H.O. doctor in WORLD WAR Z:
    Via @PhilUribe Via @dreamindetail This is what happens when a random rage-rocketeer makes you the focus of his loneliness for 20 Tweets straight:
    Via @Lif3liv3r Via @RichyJames2
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    Dear GODZILLA - Take my money. Right now. So help me God. Zilla. I felt like a kid again, watching The 4:30 Movie... []
    Holy shit. I havent cried this hard since my Father died. @ArkhamOrigins released a VERY emotional game commercial: []
    Yes, this @PooPourri commercial is real. And yes, I will be ordering at least 1 bottle: []
    RIP KAREN BLACK. Oscar/Grammy nominated during an amazing career AND a legend for fighting a nasty-ass birthday gift: []
    This guy can hacky the fuck out of the sack: Human beings are capable of such amazing feats... (thanks @mykgraham) []
    I worked with this guy: And I do mean THIS guy. Tough to get shit done opposite that kinda energy, as you can see. []
    Via @ByAaronsBeard Saw #TheDirties at #Fantasia - equal pride/jealousy for this freaky/funky magical film Trailer: []
    How DOES the #ManOfSteel shave? Vote up MY dopey theory (which is actually the most plausible, too): []
    Listening to I GO CRAZY by Flesh For Lulu and remembering the awesome, simple teaser for SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL: []
    Well I feel tears wellin up cold and deep inside, like my hearts sprung a big break. -GJ Rest in Peace, Possum... []
    The SUPER GROOVY #SManhattan screening has begun! Lots of cheering during the opening credits! See said credits here: []
    Look! Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its... The new MAN OF STEEL trailer makes me feel like a kid again. []

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