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    RT @FastCompany: . @KevinRose at tonight's #MCP1000 party + his Most Creative People in Business 1000 profile: http:… I have an app stuck in update limbo, App Store thinks it's up to date, no way to uninstall.. Thoughts? RT @tonysphere: Leveling up......@joshcook @kevinrose
    @JoseCanseco i need some carrots/greens to go with my post gym :) @Aubs is that your man? love freaking out my friends who own bitcoin... ha'! cc:@rsg
    I'm getting married in 2.5hrs..... Ahhh!! :) :) (nervously pacing) @shinigami052 Android users: why is the hour font bolded?
    RT @arnoldkim: hmm… I found a photo of the never released @Milk app we were developing, internal name “GMoney” a simple stock app: RT @jack: Congratulations to Mark and Priscilla!
    Go Lakers! Epic toast in Tokyo! Follow: @blueskycoffee23 so awesome :) “@mcuban: So what did you do today :-)”
    @arrington so it begins!! Oh sweet mother of all things holy... Couldn't this app get rejected!?

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    Rodney Mullen (TED Talk), wow, always loved Mullen, great talk!! []
    I have a new web idea, here is a rough prototype, what do you think? []
    Love the new Nest Protect, they keep making dull/dumb home products smart/awesome a @GoogleVentures company :) []
    RT @rob_sheridan: Happy 33rd birthday to Pac-Man, first tested in a Japanese movie theater on this day in 1980. []
    new episode of The Random Show w/@tferriss, w00t! - []
    Old TSS episode for the old Screen Savers fans: []
    Testing out the new nexus 4, more soon! Toaster still an apple fandog: []
    Will Farrell will do anything to get you to vote: []
    i love these guys, like diggnation for bodybuilding: []
    Google I/O Live! []
    ahh thats it, you know this is for chugging “@joshbetz: @kevinrose Here it is: ” []
    horrible and sad video w/a happy ending: []
    :) []
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