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    “@FallonTonight THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.                         ” “@odysseygolf: A little custom #MXMilled Versa action for @jtimberlake from @GregSabellaCG & @AustieOdyssey.” BOOM! “@XcelEnergyCtr: Custom golf tees for @jtimberlake's tour, from @XcelEnergyCtr” I better get some of these! #bestgift
    RT @XcelEnergyCtr: Our gift to @jtimberlake - a generous donation of lightly used golf items to @TheFirstTee! Thanks to all who donated. ht… RT @jakegaskill: And the award for creepiest play button placement in a clip with @jimmyfallon, @jtimberlake, and @80miles goes to: http://… “@CallawayGolf: A couple new toys for @jtimberlake, fresh out of customs. #BerthasBack” Yes!!!! Christmas again!!
    Did you make it to Maxwell's to see Justin perform Take Back The Night for @Target? -teamJT RT @OKKenna: #‎NEWMUSIC - Announcing “@CallawayGolf: RT @GregSabellaCG: #speechless” Tell Lefty I said Congrats, Greg!!!
    RT @THEREGIMENTHRNS: #TENNESSEEKIDS!!! UNITE!!! @jtimberlake @bassicblack @BrianFrasierM #AAAY!!! Small Market... Big Heart. #GritnGrind “@pensay: #suitandtieshit how am I looking? @jtimberlake” Killin it in khaki!!!
    “@BenRios82: I be on my #suitandtieshit for my sister's #wedding! @jtimberlake” #Reppin Have you seen the official video for Suit & Tie?!?! Check it out on @VEVO now! -teamJT “@901Silver: RT @lisanewton90: A @901Silver toast to Birthday Man @jtimberlake
    RT @S_C_: Nets vs Grizzlies? Right now?! Oh the irony.
    No one told me it was National Santa Day! The pic is blurry because I ran into a restaurant and snuck this photo... Ha! RT @TraceAyala: Sophia's first trip to the Cadillac Grave Yard in Amarillo TX!
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    Yup. Yep. Yeah. Yes. “@theshadowboxers: HAPPY #COVERTUESDAY Heres Stevies All In Love Is Fair ” []
    Sneak peek of the scene recording Please Mr. Kennedy from Inside Llewyn Davis #funny #awkward : -teamJT []
    On the music & making of Inside Llewyn Davis: -teamJT []
    In case you missed it... #DrinkYouAway last night on the AMAs []
    A little reminder that Inside Llewyn Davis - featuring JT - is out in December... -teamJT []
    Get out and vote! #VMAs #PresidentOfPop #The2020Experience []
    If you dont already know Kid President, you need a pep talk... Do I need to mention that hes rocking a #SUITandTIE []

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    Ok ok
    Mon Apr 07 20:24:04 MST 2014 ago by Soulja boy tell
    Mon Apr 07 20:21:21 MST 2014 ago by Soulja boy tell