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    Billion dollar start-ups are often founded by 20-somethings. Here's the data: @wfrick Correlation isn't causation -- but you can still often act based on it Visualizing how business terms have risen (and fallen) in popularity over the years
    What millennials look for in employers America isn't new to class warfare. Check out this newspaper from 1884 How can you know who to trust? Lessons from research @daviddesteno
    Be seen by others as a leader Marketing is now essential to strategy: @NirajDawar Marketing is now key to strategy: @NirajDawar
    Don't ask How effective leaders direct their attention @DanielGolemanEI A quick history of macroeconomics: @foxjust
    IMF's Christine @lagarde on the global economy @IMFnews Study: Late-afternoon earnings calls are more negative than early-morning ones
    Robots, telemedicine, and health care innovation via @HBRhealth Why Africa's time is now Everything you know about consulting is going to change @claychristensen @DinaSWang
    Why your customers may not be as happy as you think they are. TED teaches you how to give a killer presentation. @TEDchris

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