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    RT @Gizmodo: Lego Ghostbusters is now official! RT @joeyellis: @tolmasky Things could be worse
    Wait so does df expect apple to start custom tailoring results for trivial search terms? Here we go... RT @Cabel: We took a hacksaw to a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Surprise: it has a CPU (!). And we think it uses AirPlay (!!). . ...
    I need some quick cash here There's 2 LEVELS of Comedy Central ad videos on top of the video I want to watch (which is an ad in the first place) This thing is huge. (Size comparison with x-wing)
    So glad Facebook went native and fixed everything Favorite time of the year Wow the
    When I do a search for iChat Receive Message Only Mode: The roof of the Metreon is now made of OS X brand linen... Early preparations for WWDC perhaps?
    Mail seems to regularly just download thousands of (invisible?) current google search: .@dannygreg wow now I can't stop seeing it:
    sigh… This is what my battery (100%) running just twitter and ichat. My Air is a month old. Normal or is Lion just terrible?
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    I miss 1993... []

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