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    Tonight on @TheWarRoomCTV, we're discussing immigration. Be sure to tune in to @Current TV in 30 minutes! Preview: RT @JohnFugelsang: With Senator Bill Bradley on RT @JohnFugelsang: Bill Bradley joins me tonight on
    RT @markthompsontv: Here in the @TheYoungTurks nerve center ...Show starts at 4p PT on @current RT @GranholmTWR: Are you surprised? The Bay Area donated more to the Obama Campaign than New York City. Our hosts are ready for Biden v. Ryan! Are you? Tune in and tweet #Current2012 and your tweets may get on TV!
    In the control room with the @GranholmTWR crew. We are all excited about @nancypelosi joining tonight's show! RT @Naomi718: RT @HuffPostSF: Backstage at The War Room with @JenGranholm waiting for Leader @NancyPelosi @GranholmTWR RT @GranholmTWR: FACT! More jobs created under Democratic presidents. Open this tweet to see the numbers.
    BTS: Here's @JohnFugelsang and @JenGranholm! #Current2012 RT @GranholmTWR: A new poll has @BarackObama up over Romney in #Ohio. Let's keep moving #Forward!
    Mitt's 47% comment was amazingly ignorant @Sr_Simone tells us. RT if you agree with the Nuns on the Ferry More than 150 sisters are taking over the noon Staten Island Ferry. #NunsontheBus The Nuns on the Bus are about to become the Nuns on the Staten Island Ferry! @Sr_Simone
    Bill and Hillary Clinton take stage at  #CGI2012  to the theme from Jurassic Park. We're at Day 2 Opening session of Clinton Global Initiative #CGI2012 prepping for Hillary Clinton's talk RT @JoyVBehar: Melissa Etheridge is on my @Current TV show right now. Got a caption for this photo?
    Reconnecting with the Nuns on the Bus and Sr. Simone Campbell #dnc2012 #current2012 And the Obama Tyranny bus is trolling the streets of Charlotte #current2012 ##DNC2012
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    Thank you for watching Current for the past eight years. Please join us in the launch of @AJAM, today at 3pm ET/12pm PT. [ via Hootsuite]
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