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    RT @KariVanHorn: All #Colts Grow Up To be #Broncos! (Via @RebeccaJamar) RT @History_Pics: California Street, San Francisco. 1964 RT @AerosOrbit: My number one fan!!! @C_M_Cook
    RT @AkronAeros: @C_M_Cook @AkronAeros   this is why we do what we do! Thought you'd like this one @wallyball7 .@wallyball7 took long enough. How quickly they forget
    Spring Training State of Mind. Had to change the lock screen. #eyesontheprize Tyler and Justine sitting in a tree.... @ItsTHoltBaby . @colbyjameswest congrats on your cheez-it sponsorship, that's a good photo of you
    .@2013sport apparently didn't grasp the concept of my tweet, or he is very shy about his adoration for it . @EBerger18 is swiffering the nation RT @PrayForSammy: @C_M_Cook Pls #RT Sammy 3yo fighting #neuroblastoma @nationwidekids #PrayFo ...
    RT @ShortyCakes23: THE SIGN IS UP!!! COMING SOON... Susan's Clothing. Arroyo Grande, CA. Trader Joe's Shopp  @ Susan's Clothing  ... This is an affront to me AND my amazing followers. Give my RT @NikiWithIssues: How to pick up chicks.
    New Rule: any follower that tweets #followcomp at me by the end of the day is entered to win these shades TEAMMATES BECOME TEAMMATES. WELCOME TO THE TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBE Who think this should be @G_Sides new twitter avi? RT if you agree - follow if you're a #Tribe fan
    Thank you @robdelaney Taking all 8 passengers in style
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    Hey everyone!! I just got teased by @AlysonOnTour!! Check out the video and you can be too! []
    For those that were waiting - here it is! My awesome, and completely two sided interview with @AerosOrbit! []
    All @AkronAeros fans check this out. Another reason to look forward to 2013. Video by @bensbiz []
    I didnt think this was real. I thought it was just something on @funnyordie when you hit die. I cant stop laughing []
    Please watch this and RT it, voting is important []
    One of the greatest things that ever come out of twitter []
    This video makes me So happy. Its such a beautiful testament to the wonderful things everyday people can do []
    I cant do this whole speech in one tweet - but heres a pretty solid video of it from youtube. #Braveheart []
    This is amazing []

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    The difference
    Tue Apr 08 11:44:23 MST 2014 ago by Steven gerrard