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  • I love seeing @breagrant on @4PointsShow!!!

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    Heres the filthiest song you will hear today. Its from 1935:  
    While waiting for the podcast, watch @wallpaper & @Uptomyknees UNDERDOG video again. I love the shit out of it:  
    The Doctor Puppet episode 3 just posted!  
    Exclusive sneaky peek scene from @PixarAnimations Monsters U-->  
    #AnimalBattles are coming...this time, for @donttrythis...  
    6 cities. 3 weeks. Kick-ass music video made on travels by @skydart. BLACK SHEEP by Metric (travel ed)  
    The Cool Dudes is the most epic band-forming story EVER:  
    I enjoy any opportunity to hang out w/ @wilw. But to play DragonAge on #TableTop? DOUBLE FUGG YEAH  
    IT HAS HAPPENED. #AllStarBowling w/ @RoosterTeeth @fwong & @BarelyPolitical:  
    NPH! Next week, @ActuallyNPHs Puppet Dreams premieres on @NerdistChannel! HERES A PREVIEW FOR RIGHT NOW -->  
    HAAAAAAdorable! RT @skydart: My Terrible Musical Apology Re: Calvin and Hobbes.  
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