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    I can’t WAIT to be off of this diet! Hey, @McConaughey, you might want to see someone about getting that thing removed. Be sure to look for the big feature story on me NOWHERE IN THIS ISSUE.
    These mangoes exist in a reality that theoretical physicists have yet to fully comprehend. Well, it’s been great fun, but now it’s time for me to head on back home.  Thanks, Boise! Sally's gotta run, but she enjoyed talking with everybody - thanks!
    Spending the day watching holiday movies with my family. In light of recent events, I'm afraid I may need to re-think my Christmas present for @jessetyler. Just got the new Verizon signal amplifier. Kinda bulky, but effective. #CanYouHearMeNow
    It never really feels like Christmas until I put on my @justinbieber Santa hat. RT @BuzzFeed: 29 Reasons Just finished wallpapering the house as a surprise for my wife - hope she likes it!
    RT @Lin_Manuel: Shopping at Amoeba with @alyankovic? YES please. Always nice to go out on top!  MT @ericthewise RT @vampireweekend: GUYS NIGHT OUT
    OICUTPI My favorite performance at the VMAs last night: Dear @thomaslennon: my posse and I demand that you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  And we MEAN IT.
    Just purchased my first Warhol.  Hope it was a good investment. Sorry, I'm not allowed to have any variety on stage tonight.
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    RT @watchmojo: Top 10 #WeirdAl Parodies - #WatchMojo []
    RT @HuffPostComedy: RIP the guy who invented Twister. Heres Weird Als Beastie Boys-sounding ode to the game []

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